Custom orders

Special orders are fulfilled following the following steps:

  1. Select the jewelry manufacturing material / materials,
  2. Measure and provide us with the correct size for the manufacturing (in case of ring or bracelets manufacturing),
  3. Collect or create sketches / photographs / technical drawings of the requested article,
  4. Description of the article as you imagine it, with extra details in case of specialized manufacturing,
  5. Send us all the above information via Email to; [email protected]
  6. After an assessment of the project delivery time and cost of the requested article, you will be asked to pay the 75% of the predicted value* to start the production immediately,
  7. When the manufacturing ends, we will provide you with photographs of the finished article,
  8. If there is nothing extra to be added or be changed to the finished article, you will be asked to pay the remaining 25% of the articles value, and the article will be sent to you through the same day.
  9. If you want to make further additions of modifications, we will provide you with a new delivery date and a new cost (if it is needed).
  10. Return to step 7

* The estimated value of the article may not be the final price due to changes in the final weight, compared to the weight calculation during the ordering process. In any case, these fluctuations are negligible and do not dramatically alter the cost.  The total value deriving from the combination of the value of the selected metal (on-date price), and the man-hours spent on articles manufacturing.