About us

About us

Patras - 1984

Fotios Katraouras starts working as a manufacturer of handmade jewelry, mainly as a partner of other Goldsmiths.

As the demand of his created articles increases, he decides to pursue the manufacturing business, enriching it with the status of the jewelry retailing.

Patras - 1997

He opens his first jewel retail store in the Patras New Road Area, where the neighboring individuals starting to visit him for purchasing jewelry, and soon acquires wider reputation considering the quality articles that he sells, so the store begins to establish as a reference point for buying & repairing jewelry around Patras wider area.

Patras - 2007

The widespread demand of the customers for even greater variety of jewelry, leads Fotios to transfer the store to a larger private store at Panepistimiou 240 Street (which is till today the Headquarters of the company) while tripling its staff.

During the same period, his 2 daughters, Violetta & Eleni, join the company, and undertake the imports section & the internet promotion of the store.

Nafpaktos - 2011

Obtaining a continuous customer base, which now extends across all Greece, the family members decide, amid the great economical depression, to expand their business by opening a new store in Nafpaktos city, comparable to services and products volume with the Patras Store.

Patras - 2016

Knowing the market and their clientele, Katraouras family boosts its imports and partnerships through the 5 continents and Greece, to serve their customers with unique products & services.

In order to support this endeavor, key-partnerships were made and restructure of the entire company’s infrastructure, to the immediacy-driven customer service.

Greece - 2017

Katraouras family, offers to its customers throughout Greece and abroad, a fully organized website – www.katraouras.com-, in order to be able to find what they are searching for, choosing among 15.000 different product codes, which are constantly being updated, while a new "Fotios Katraouras" store opens in the center of Patras!

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