After studying your needs on finding jewelery, watches and gifts, we came up with this new website concept by having you in mind. This new website integrating our 2 previous websites; for jewelry & for wristwatches.

By providing you with detailed descriptions, explanations and help files, our goal is help you finding exactly the item you are searching for whithin a huge range of designs, styles & materials, which is constantly growing.

On every single product you can find a detailed shopping guide, which you can print and advice for making the right purchase, avoiding unnecessary changes & delays.

Among the pictures of every wristwatch is a 360 button, which you can click and examine the wristwatch in every aspect by moving it in left or right direction.

The purchases have become more offardable by providing you with up to 12 interest-free installments (Applying on Greek Visa credit cards only) and PayPal Partial Payment, while the registration & Check-out on our site is being provided with the fastest way.

Communicating with us is just a click away, using either our Websites contact form, or by using our Official Facebook Page Messenger.

We wish you a Great Shopping experience!